Slim fit trousers have been popular for over a decade now. The style is comfortable and accentuates your legs. A pair of slim fit trousers are a wonderful choice for when you want to wear a long or loose top and create an elegant silhouette. Skinny jeans are a member of the slim fit family. Due to the hint of stretch, these trousers fit your body perfectly and are extremely comfortable. In addition to blue denim, there are also new washes in grey and black. You can also choose between a low-waist, mid-waist or high-waist. In summer, Sandwich launches many different slim fit designs that highlight the ankles, such as cropped trousers or styles with drawstrings on the legs. In winter, our trousers are a bit longer and can be worn with chunky boots or closed shoes.

Have you ever tried the Sandwich leggings? They are another type of slim fit design, but they have elastic in the waist. They’re a nice, attractive alternative to tights under a dress or tunic.

Do you prefer wider trousers such as a flared fit, straight fit or comfort fit such as the Verona? Take a look at our other trousers. At Sandwich, you’ll always find a design to suit you.