Less than 100 years ago, women almost never wore trousers. Nowadays, a wardrobe without trousers is unthinkable. The first trousers for women were very wide and looked more like skirts, however, in today’s fashion trousers come in all shapes and sizes: wide or tight, long or short, trendy or chic, casual or dressed-up. In other words, every style you could possibly imagine. Chinos, bermudas, shorts, leggings, capris and denim: there’s the perfect trousers for every taste.

The Sandwich design team believes in the importance of finding the right fit. That’s why our trousers are always available in different fabrics and waists. Whether high-waist or low-waist, trousers need to fit properly. In addition to neutral colours such as black, white and blue, we add the colours of the season to our trouser collection. You’ll not only find plain colours in our designs, but also prints.
Trousers come in different lengths. For summer, ankle-length or cropped is perfect. Shorts are a sporty option for summer. Wear them with a jacket or tunic for an new look.

Sandwich has an extensive collection of denim. From skinny to boyfriend, straight to flared. Each design comes in different washes. You can find your perfect fit by determining which styles you prefer to wear. Do you like a low-waist? Or a high-waist? Skinny legs or straight? Visit our stores for professional advice or try on our trousers in the comfort of your own home. Because perfectly fitting jeans really do make you feel good.