There’s no other piece of clothing that has impacted the world as much as the skirt. Did you know that the length of skirts was previously considered an indicator of the state of the economy? The Hemline Index proved that skirts became shorter when stock values rose and longer during economic crises. In the 1960s, the mini skirt was a symbol of freedom. The shorter, the better, with Twiggy being one of the most prominent poster girls for this trend. These days, skirts can be long or short. Whether maxi or mini, it’s all about wearing what you feel most comfortable in. A good fit is Sandwich’s main priority, so you can always choose from a diverse range of designs that will flatter your body. Tight pencil skirts, cool denim skirts and flowy pleated skirts: every woman can find her perfect skirt at Sandwich.

The A-line is a popular design as A-line skirts accentuate your body in a flattering way. Pockets are also very popular with our customers and are therefore incorporated into many of our designs. It’s always nice to have pockets on a skirt. As well as thick denim, cool cotton and comfortable jersey, we also have skirts in our gorgeous travel jersey material. This fabric is amazing. It doesn’t crease, keeps its shape and feels super comfortable. That’s why you’ll not only find skirts in our collection that are made from this material, but also dresses and tops.

You can wear all kinds of shoes and tops with a skirt. Go for a bohemian look with slip-ons or sandals, or a casual, city outfit with sneakers or boots. For a party or a special occasion, you can wear your skirt with a nice pair of heels or ballerinas.
Remember, you don’t have to put away your beautiful tight, wide, short or long skirts during the colder months; with a pair of tights you can rock them all year round.