Blouses and tunics span many different styles: from classic, to cool and casual. A top is generally referred to as a blouse if it has a button-down front. And a tunic is somewhere in between a dress and a blouse. These days, there are so many different designs out there, that it can be difficult to say where a blouse begins, and a tunic ends. At Sandwich, none of this matter. We design clothes that make you feel good. Made from beautiful materials with a comfortable fit. Clothing that’s easy to style. Even with older items or pieces from a previous Sandwich collection.

Blouses come in plain colours and prints. They have different sleeve lengths such as short sleeves, elbow-length sleeves, long sleeves or sleeveless. The collar can be a V-neck or a round neckline, be very subtle or non-existent. Cuffs can be wide or narrow, with or without buttons. The fit varies from feminine with a comfortable stretch, to airy and loose. Longer blouses can also be worn as a dress. They’re great for hot days and can be worn with some slip-ons or sandals. The same goes for tunics. Tunics are usually loose and airy. They’re the ideal piece to quickly throw on. The longer designs often have slits down the sides to give you greater freedom of movement. Interesting details such as tassels give the tunic a bohemian look. It can be great to wear a long blouse or tunic over a pair of trousers. Experiment with different designs and shoes to create your dream outfit.

Tunics and blouses are available in lightweight materials such as linen, cotton and viscose. They range from opaque to semi-transparent. You can wear a blouse open as a kind of jacket over a nice top or T-shirt. That way, you can fully utilise this piece.