Blazers can seem formal and business-like, but here at Sandwich we don’t do dull designs. Blazers are wonderful jackets that can be styled to look either dressy or casual. It depends on what you wear with your blazer.

The classic blazer, with lapels and buttons in wool or thick cotton, was the inspiration for our supple blazers in jersey that can be worn as a cardigan. In summer, linen-blend blazers are ideal for people who want to look elegant at their meetings. The kimono jacket is very feminine with wide sleeves and a button closure. Want a more cool or casual look? Wear a bomber jacket. This multi-functional garment has quickly stolen the hearts of fashion lovers. Which makes perfect sense, because it’s a comfortable item that looks great. You can wear bomber jackets with trousers or jeans, but also skirts and dresses for a beautiful silhouette. Bomber jackets come in different fabrics such as denim or cotton for summer. In winter, you can also buy padded or lined versions.

When searching for the perfect blazer, consider the fit. Do you prefer an oversized look or a fitted shape? A boyfriend blazer is usually loose and can be worn with the sleeves rolled up for a nonchalant, yet dressy look. A more fitted blazer can be turned into a nice top by buttoning the jacket. Blazers don’t need to be worn as part of a formal outfit. You can also wear them with sneakers and jeans, rather than trousers or a dress and heels, and give your blazer a completely new vibe.