Accessories add the finishing touch to any outfit. A scarf can easily turn a basic T-shirt into an elegant top. A nice, thin scarf with a print, crinkle effect or stripes is a great summer accessory. In winter, scarves are thicker to keep you nice and warm. They’re made from wool or another soft fabric blend. Play with different printed tops and scarves for a fun look. All the prints and colours in the Sandwich collection can be worn together, so you can combine them in countless different ways.

A belt can make your trousers and skirts fit better, but it can also subtly accentuate your waist or add a splash of colour. Fine leather belts look great with jeans. A classic brown or black leather belt is always good but try experimenting with a belt with studs or an interesting clasp. Why not wear a belt over a dress? With a wider belt, you can create a tunic effect that looks great over a pair of trousers.

You can never have enough bags. A practical shopper for daytime, a smaller bag that can be worn cross-body and a clutch for the evening. Leather bags look better the more you use them and are very durable. Straw bags are great for holidays and doing your shopping. You can fit lots of items inside them and they have a summery vibe.

When talking about accessories, we mustn’t forget about jewellery. The Sandwich collection always includes necklaces and bracelets. We have necklaces with a pendant and long necklaces that can be draped around your neck. They look great with a V-neck or high-neck top. We have both wide and narrow bracelets. Smooth, or with beads or charms. Mix and match different styles to create an eclectic look. These new additions to the Sandwich accessories collection make it look like you’re wearing a blouse under your sweater or top, but you’re actually only wearing the collar.