Our Fabrics & Care Guide

High-quality cotton has been the basis of every Sandwich collection since 1981. At Sandwich, cotton is pleasantly casual but always stylish.

We frequently combine different yarns in our woollen knits. This way we ensure that our sweaters and vests fit beautifully and are a joy to wear.

Our spring and summer collections would not be complete without linen. Linen is made from the fibres of the flax plant and therefore especially airy. Our linen items come in the most gorgeous colours and special washings.

We use special washings to give our designs even more personality.

Did you know that cellulose is a natural material found in plants and trees?
It is used to produce Viscose, Modal, Cupro and Lyocell.
Cellulose has a luxurious appearance and gives fabrics strength and durability so that they last longer.